Our advantages over other courses:

- We have a flexible class schedule, we value the time and convenience of our students.
- The duration of each lesson depends only on you, we do not set a time limit, the lesson ends when you have perfectly performed the assigned work and made the work on the mistakes.
- In the training we use only professional, high-quality cosmetics and professional tools!
- In our courses you will be told how to behave properly with the client and how to avoid basic mistakes.
- We really want our students to be the best, and we contribute to this in every possible way.

For Those who want to master the skills of a manicurist

At the end of the course, each student will receive a portfolio of work, which consists of photos of the process of work and the final result.
In each group of students in the process of training is attended by highly qualified teachers with experience of 10 years or more.
Teachers who specialize in different areas will help students to get the most complete knowledge.
All students receive valuable gifts from the partners.
The course is designed for training from scratch, for those who have no knowledge in this area and dreams of becoming a manicurist. 

You get 100% knowledge.
Distance learning when it's convenient for you.
You have access to view several lessons at any time.
At the end of each lesson, homework is assigned - completion is mandatory.
After you complete the homework, a new lesson opens.
You do your homework at your convenience.
You upload pictures of your work to your account for review.
We review, write comments about your work, if there are mistakes, you correct them (redo). And when the work is done well, then we move on.
Our communication is constant. We always answer your questions.
Tasks you do not hurry, at any comfortable pace for you.
The tasks take as much time as you need. If necessary, we will extend access for a couple of weeks.
During the training you have access to the viewing of practical works of all participants. During the training, you see all the comments from the teacher about the mistakes in the performance of your fellow students' works. This will help you in the future in the performance of works and tips on how to improve them.

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We work for results and help you achieve your desired goals!